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What is vasectomy reversal?

Vasectomy reversal is a highly technical procedure in which blocked ends of Vas deferens (after vasectomy) are cut open and reconnected with very fine microsurgical stitches. Read more

What are success rates of reversal?

Success after vasectomy reversal is defined by the “presence of sperm in semen”. If we find sperm during surgery, our success rates are above 95%. Read more

What is the cost of reversal?

We offer a worry-free fixed package price of $6600 for first time reversals, re-dos, vas to vas and vas to epididymis connection. Learn more on payment plans

Why choose VasMD?

Choice of a surgeon is a critical decision for a successful outcome of a procedure and so is the use of state of the art microscope and properly equipped surgical facility. Learn more on why VasMD

Is reversal right for me?

A couple can choose between reversal and sperm aspiration with in vitro fertilization. Several factors play a role in this decision making. Learn more what is right for you

How does it work?

Once you make a decision to have vasectomy reversal, you should contact our reversal coordinator by calling at 1-800-92-VASMD. You can also send in an inquiry via email by clicking here.

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